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Plant List

Laser Cutting Machines and Accessories   Number Off
Amada Fanuc C1500 Laser   1
Amada FLC 3015 AJ CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine   1
Parker M2 Maxigas Nitrogen Generator   1
CNC Bending Cells   Number Off
Salvanini P4Xe Bending Cell   1
CNC Combination Laser and Punching   Number Off
Amada EML3610NT Combination 4Kw Laser & Punch Machine  


CNC Punching   Number Off
Amada EMZ3610NT   1
Amada Vipros 3510 Fabricentre    1
Amada Vipros Punch 2510 King   1
Amada Vipros Punch 368 King   1
Trumf Trumatic 500   2
Trumf Trumatic 500 with Robotic Tool Loading   1
Wiedemann Centrum 3000M CNC   1
Press Brakes   Number Off
Amada Press Brake HFE M2 1303 1
Amada Press Brake HFT100-3   1
Amada Press Brake HFE80-25S   5
Amada Press Brake HFE50-20S   2
Amada HFBO.80.25 CNC Press Brake   1
Guifil PE6-16 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake   2
Corner Forming Number Off
ACF Multiflex Corner Forming Machine 2
CNC Tube Bending Number Off
CSM 38TBRE CNC Electric Bending Machine 1
CSM 50TBRE CNC Electric Bending Machine 1
Power Presses   Number Off
Aida Press 60 - 200 tonnes   11
Arbour Press   1
Bench Toggle Press   3
Bentley Epic OB1-20 Power Press   1
Bentley Epic OBR-80 Power Press   1
Chin Fong G2-160 HPRO Power Press   1
Hare 15T Press   1
Hare 80P Hydraulic Power Press   2
Hare AM300 Bench Press   2
HME GH12 Power Press   2
Jones & Atwood 30STD Power Press   1
Rhodes DS1-100 complete with Coil Feed and Straightner   1
Rhodes RF75 Power Press   1
Guillotine   Number Off
Amada Guillotine GS-630   1
Laser Welding   Number Off
Robotic Fibre Laser Welding Cell. IPG 3KW Fibre Laser & 7 Axis Robot   1
Trumpf Laser 1
Welding   Number Off
Spot Welding
Spot Welder -SIP PP15   2
Tecna 3410 Resistance Spot Welder   1
Sciaky 3143 Resistance Spot Welder   1
British Federal Weldstar 100kVA Spot Welder   1
Selco Genesis 240 TLH Mobile Tig Welding Set   2
Sciaky SAC50 Spot Welder   1
Sciaky PMO Spot Welder   1
British Federal Weldstar Spot Welder   1
Tig Welding
Rowen-Arc RAC300 AC/DC Welder   1
Lincoln Tig 275 Welding Machine   1
Rotary Tables   2
Mig Welding
Oerlikon M250C Mobile Welder   1
BOC Lynxpac180 Mig Welder   1
TPS Vario Star Mig Welder   1
Lincoln Mig 280 Welding Machine   3
Grinding & Linishing   Number Off
Grinding Master 2000   1
Redman Grinder   1
Linisher DK7300   1
Grindingmaster MCSB-B-900 Drum Sander   1
Grindingmaster GR3200-1100 Belt Sander   1
Grindmaster 2200 900 WD Belt Linisher   1
Dressing boths with extraction   3
Painting and Silk Screening   Number Off
Dedicated Wet Paint areas with extraction   3
Automated Powder Paint line   1
Silkscreen Room with laboratory   1
Inserting   Number Off
Haeger 824-WT-1H Fastener Insertion Unit   2
Various Inserters   9
Drilling and Tapping   Number Off
Slack & Parr Quicktap Horizontal Multi-Tapper   2
Hesk Tapping Machine   1
Oldak Bench Precision Tapper   1
Articulated Arm Tapper   1
Startrite Mercury 3-Bank 5-Speed Drill   1
Startrite Mercury 5-Bank 5-Speed Drill   1
Baltec RN181 Riveting Machine   1
Inspection   Number Off
Mitutoyo 3-Axis CMM   1
Fully Equiped Inspection Area   1
Cryostatic Testing   Number Off
BOC Edwards Vacume Tester   1
Inficon UL1000 Helium Leak Detector   1
Deburring   Number Off
Rosler R300A/SM Vibratory Bowl Finisher   1
Vanco Barrel Type Rumbler   1
Cable and Wire Harnessing Area   Number Off
Schleuniger Programmable Cut and Strip Machine 1
Komax Programmable Cut and Stip Machine 1
Komax Programmable Cut, Strip and Crimp Machine 1
Variety of Crimping Machines
Assembly   Number Off
Dedicated Cells for Volume Build 4
General Areas for general build 2
Avdel Insertion 5
Electrical Test 3
LTU configuration 1
Backplane auto recording and bar coding 1
Cryostatic Testing 1
Subrack Build Area 1
Enclosure and Cabinet Build Area 1
Toolroom   Number
Feeler FTL-618EM Centre Lathe   1
Hardinge HC2 1.5HP Turret Lathe   1
King Rich KR-V-3000 Turrent Miller   1
Waida JBM40 Jig Borer & Miller   1
Amada TOGUeu Automatic Tool Grinder 1
CAD/CAM   Number Off
Radan Version 2011 R1 2
Pro - E Wildfire 5 1
3D Solid 
3D Iges 
2D ME10 
Transport    Number Off
Mercedes Vito Van 1
Mercedes Atego 7.5 tonne 2
Iveco Eurocargo 1
Iveco Daily 2.3 HPI 2


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